Our goal: You win

We are a content company…and much more. Through emotional storytelling and script science, Working Narrative crafts your message into a broader human experience. The result is a narrative that evokes, compels and inspires your audience into action.

Talk to the brain. Touch the heart.

Persuasion is an emotional decision justified by reason. That’s why we create your story to connect with people’s own beliefs as well as their everyday lives. So audiences instinctively accept your message on the first impression.

View our work. See the possibilities.

Request a customized selection of our work. We’d love to share projects that specifically relate to your campaign or cause.

Artists & Experts

Working Narrative is a collective of award-winning strategists, writers and directors assembled to deliver your message as powerfully as possible. Through digital, broadcast and social media, we help you gain traction and grow support.

Connections We Make


From local to Presidential - our work transcends typical political ads. We believe nothing attracts voters more than authenticity and our strategy driven creative has worked successfully across the spectrum and up and down the ballot. Our goal is not merely to inform, but to inspire.


We’ve partnered with companies big and small – State Farm, Tim Horton’s, AT&T, Lockheed Martin, Suffolk – to emotionally connect their brand to the audience.

Issue Advocacy

We’re passionate about helping worthwhile causes and understand the different needs, tones and styles necessary to succeed at every level. Achieving success in this important work - we harness the tools of believability, sincerity and integrity.

Put us to the test.

While we believe in emotional connections, we are coldly rational when it comes to verifying our impact. In cases where Google’s Brand Lift tested and quantified the precise impact achieved by our political ads – we outperformed every benchmark.


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